19-year-old Medical Student Became Sugar Baby of 11 Sugar Daddies

Medical Sugar Baby StudentAfter having her heart broken by so many men in her age group, a young and charming medical student, Colver Pittila, finally decided to abandon the disillusion of immature romance and go for dating for money and gifts, instead.

She is very mature for a girl of 19, and believes that boys of similar ages do nothing but mess you around; they only want sex and always give you heartache. But with a sugar daddy, you would get some nice gifts, fancy dinners or exotic tours out of even if it all went wrong.

Firstly encouraged by her friends who were suggesting she needed a more mature man in her life, she joined sugar daddy sites and advertised herself as a 'sugar baby' since 2014. Till now she has already dated 11 'sugar daddies' with different backgrounds, like bankers, company CEOs, successful entrepreneurs etc. As was expected, she has been constantly showered with designer shoes, clothes, handbags and jewellery. She has even been wined and dined in some top restaurants such as Gymkhana and Nobu.

Among all those sugar daddies she has dated, Ms Pittla claims there are 3 or 4 serious ones. Generally, sugar daddies enjoy having some gorgeous companies, want to talk and be seen with pretty ladies on their arms, or just intend to seek someone younger and attractive to take care of or even to spoil and pamper. And clearly enough, sugar daddies usually cannot afford wasting valuable time trying sheer luck in bars and clubs, which makes online dating their most possible and preferential option.

Some would say dating a sugar daddy who offers free gifts, including money in many cases, is something akin to prostitution or high-class escorts - but as per Ms Pittilla, she has never been pressurized into sleeping with a sugar daddy, though in a few cases she said the relationship had developed into a sexual one. And she explained, with sugar daddies, particularly older men, it just wouldn't be possible for physical reasons. While with middle-aged ones, they are usually energetic and seriously glamorous exuding confidence of being social elites, any women would find it difficult to resist falling into bed with them. The youngest sugar daddy she has ever dated, a 32 handsome hotel owner is just the type.

You always have your freedom with dates, emphasized by Ms Pittilla, your relationship with your sugar daddy can be anything you want it to be. You have your own choice. Ms Pittilla herself is pursuing her hobby of being a stylish and trendy model, and has even taken a year-long break from her medical science degree. And one man was offering to pay the fees for her to finish her degree and set her up in his own London flat - but she resolutely turned down the seemingly generous offer as she didn't feel completely comfortable about him and his intentions.

As to any feelings of guilt or embarrassment about taking advantage of men to gain benefits and financial favors, Ms Pittila points out the sugar relationship is something that both parties have agreed upon. You can back out anytime if you it does not suit you. Since it's based on mutual agreement, it exploits neither partner. Sugar daddies approached her, dated her, treated her with gifts, it's all what they are willing to do to make themselves happy and being admired. In this relationship, both sides have their freedom.

Ms Pittilla's parents were shocked when they learned the fact at first, but they eventually got their head around it all and supported her decision. They know all about her sugar daddies, and are proud she has obtained independence and can take care of herself. Being tired of traditional relationships, Ms Pittilla said she won't be settling down with a steady guy any time soon, since she is taking too much joy out of the current freebies way.