Sugar Daddy For Me Review

Sugar Daddy For MeSugarDaddyForMe is a great dating site for those who are looking for mutually fulfilling relationships with varied intensions. First launched in 2004, the site has successfully paired up thousands of generous and wealthy sugar daddies with young and attractive sugar babies. With a big range of attractive features and flexible membership options, SugarDaddyForMe no doubt is a good choice, either for existing members or newly registered users.

Sugar Daddy for Me takes the No.3 position in our list of top 10 sugar daddy websites in 2019 for its huge membership base. Now it has over 4 million members and over 1,000 new sugar daddy and sugar baby profiles every day.

Free Features

SugarDaddyforMe offers prospective users a free three-day trial so that they can get to know the features available at the site. The dating site has a very large member base and it is free, so anyone can sign up for it. Sugar babies mainly prefer it. It seems to be the best site for finding Allowance Daddies, as there are many men on the site who are willing to set up an allowance for sugar babies. After creating your profile, you can also feature your profile and take advantage of the Instant Messaging services of the site.

Social Features

SugarDaddyForMe have a huge social presence on Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube. That means that they are getting in front of people who are successful and generous, or who want to find someone successful and generous. Also they have great feedback with over 1160 reviews in the past year. All of these add up to more chances for you to find that perfect relationship.

Pros & Cons

The layout is clean and logical, with menus having a smooth flow. Although the navigation is simple, it isn't as intuitive as other websites in its segment. Though the site offers a few features, there are a lot of trial and error involved before you are able to use the search function effectively. In addition, the site follows the auto renewal option, so you need to cancel immediately or will have to automatically pay up every month.

User Scale

While we were on the site, there were always over 3000 members online. That's a huge number and gives you a lot of profiles to check out.

Also, there are a few interesting things we noted when checking out this sugar daddy dating site in Alexa. First, most of the traffic is coming from the United States, at 72%, with Canada in second place at 6%. This doesn't mean that you won't find someone close by, but it does mean that there is a very good chance of finding someone if you are in the US.

We also found that a lot of the natural search traffic that comes to this site is looking for a sugar momma. This is good news if you are a woman who is looking for a male sugar baby. Obviously they are checking out the site and you have a good chance of finding a guy to pamper.

Lastly, it seems that almost all members have some college education background or above. For sugar daddies or mommies, this means that you are likely going to find a sugar baby who is intelligent and serious about a mutually beneficial relationship without extreme expectations.

Final Verdict

SugarDaddyForMe brings together successful, generous sugar daddies and attractive young sugar babies that love to be pampered and supported. SugarDaddyForMe could be the perfect site for you. The site promotes the usual Sugar Daddy stuff: young, beautiful, ambitious women willing to please; affluent, caring, generous mentors, who want to pamper and spoil someone special. With a range of features and a number of membership options, SugarDaddyForMe is a good choice, whether you're new to online dating or an established user.

The overall impressions of this website are positive. It is certainly a good place to find a partner for an unconventional relationship. One of the unique aspects of Sugar Daddy For Me is that, unlike many other such sites, it offers a three-day trial for free, so that you can test it out before joining.

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